The secret of an excellent Christmas packaging design

When it comes to packaging, the choice of special effects and ideas is pretty much unlimited. You can always experiment and try to create an original design for your products, complimenting them with a beautiful packaging item, Christmas wish card or special edition gift box.

Adding packaging to a gift makes the gesture even more special and leaves a great emotional impact on the receiver as they slowly stars to unwrap, unbox, unpack, until they get to the present itself.

packaging gift box
gift box

Excellent Christmas packaging designs all have one thing in common and it’s not snowflakes, red ribbons or Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. It’s a thoughtful look and feel.

According to, there are several important aspects of a packaging that should not be forgotten while designing.

  1. Make your packaging stick to the brand image

Thinking outside the box is never wrong. It’s even what you’re supposed to do as a packaging designer, but make sure you always stay true to brand identity. Reinvent brand packaging all you want to give it that Christmas vibe, but make sure that consumers can still recognize their trusted brand on the shelves.

  1. Include a gift

Who doesn’t like a gift, here and there? Including a trinket or free sample of a different product is a great way to delight your target audience during the festive season. And it doesn’t even have to be a great customized gift. Millennials tend to shop consciously, and love the idea of donating a little something to charity through buying a special edition product, so don’t forget to mention the good cause on the packaging.

  1. Establish a personal connection

Personalized packaging is still trending. But if, for some logistical reason, customized packaging is not an option, there’s still plenty you can do to establish that personal connection with the consumer. A short but charming Christmas letter to wish the consumer a merry Christmas, for instance, accompanied by a behind-the-scenes holiday photo of the team is a great and cheap way to give your packaging design that little extra touch of charm. Needless to say that handwritten success wishes for your business partners will show them your involvement as well as your appreciation of them and help you build even stronger business ties.

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