Environmental Policy

Aware of the impact of its activities, Print and Pack is committed to ensuring maximum protection of the environment, therefore we are FSC certified since 2014. The FSC certification is the concrete proof of the mastering in this business regarding the supply chain and the traceability.


Our policy aims to integrate the environmental aspects in every step of the printing and shipping activity. We use the best process in order to limit the effects on the environment.

Because utilization of renewable resources is the most widespread process in the printing and the paper industry   the recycling rate is very significant.

Our environmental policy is based on 3 focal points:

1. Reducing our environmental impact

forest in Bulgaria
forest in Bulgaria
  • Appropriate storage of all dangerous products
  • Management of waste responsibly

2. Supporting green projects

3. Communicate on our environmental policy

  • advise our customers about the gestures in favor of the environment
  • internal communication for maximum awareness of our people
  • Maintaining and valuing  of our environmental commitment