Once printing is done, the next step is the binding. It means that the paper sheets must be folded and arranged together in the proper way. They must be cut to obtain the correct size and then put together.

We offer all kinds of binding processes:

standard or personalized cutting

folding– single, letter, Z fold (accordion), double parallel fold, engineering fold, gate fold, double gate fold, french fold (crosses), map fold…

Z folding
Z folding

assemblage-create the spine of the book. It can be perfect bound or edition bound if strings are used

stapling– it is when we put 2 saddles stitching or sometimes four, in general it is used for booklets and calendars

2 saddles
2 saddles

binding– when we use metallic spirale or wire’o



inserting– put a single leaf in the middle of the pages

plastic coating-this process is used for badges or menus

manual binding– gluing and laminating of displays, cases, boxes

perforation– make a hole on the calendars or micro-perforation used for easy detachable pages

creasing-it is recommended for greeting cards, it keeps the smooth fold by compressing the paper

Keep in mind all these possibilities when you create your printed objects. If you do not find your idea in the list, let us know and we will be glad to find a solution together!