Print and Pack has the appropriate equipment to produce : short, middle and long editions.       We are here to advise you on the best method of printing!

Digital printing

digital and offset printing

This technology is convenient for small volumes and short production times.  The advantage of this process is : flexibility and production speed. The digital printing is recommended for personalized objects, business cards or large size products (e.g.posters).

Offset Printing

The process takes its name from the english expression “to set off” which means “report” an image from the plate to the support. There are two types of presses:

  • Sheet fed presse

The sheet fed press is adapted for middle volumes- from some thousands to some ten thousands copies. It gives the possibility to produce all kinds of projects-from simple prospectus to packaging made from creative cardboard reaching tickness of 400 gr/m2.

  • Web offset

This machine is perfect for magazines, commercial catalogs, newspapers, booklets in thousand and thousand copies. To give you an idea about the sepped, this press can produce a catalog of 64 pages in  40000 copies in 1 hour ! However this technology is less flexible regarding the paper size and it is convenient mostly for thin papers (maximum 130gr/m2).

If you want to know more about our productive capacities, check our page Technologies !