We are specialised in the packaging production for any type of industry.

Food and beverage boxes

  • patched cartons with or without window
  • top load cartons
  • classic end load cartons
  • shape carrier cartons
  • lunch boxes
  • laminated cartons
  • display boxes
  • bottle boxes
  • stringray boxes
  • soft touch cartons
  • berlingot boxes
  • ballotins etc

We also produce packaging for the pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic industry. Luxurious jewel cases, gift boxes and luxurious boxes are in our large range of products. We pay  big attention to the choice of materials used in order to respect your graphic idea and give life to your product in a very optimised way.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic boxes

For all the other industries we produce custom made boxes in order to protect and transport different kind of goods. Check out our collection of “Industrial” boxes !