11 reasons of using QR code on your packagings

We are used to seeing these QR codes on many products including lunch boxes. What is their interest?

QR code
QR code

1. Provide more information about the product compared to an expensive advertising which lasts only 30 seconds
2. Identify the characteristics of the product (if the doll says yes, if she cries etc.) even downloading a video of its functioning. This prevents customer disappointment and returns

3. Facilitate the subscription to a newsletter through the QR code that leads to the registration form. Research shows that products using this technique have an enrollment rate increasing by 40%. And it is very useful for marketing!
4. The QR code can refer your clients to consumer opinion of your product and thus distinguish yourself from your competitors
5. Offer songs download
6. No more instructions, how to assembly the furniture is shown in the video
7. Follow the places that sell more through scan QR code and refine your marketing and targeting
8. Reassure the consumer of the product stating the breeding area (used particularly by organic farmers)
9. Suggest your customers food recipes and enhance your product
10. Offer immediat discount coupon to purchase your product
11. Involve your customers in games or contests to win prizes