What each and everyone of us can do to help protect the environment?

  1. According to your needs, always try to choose recycled paper or paper from responsible management of world forests. Recycled paper requires 20 times less trees and 100 times less water to produce. This way you save our natural resourses directly.
  2. Print double-sided and important messages only.
  3. During presentations use a projector instead of paper hand-outs.

    office recycled paper
    office recycled paper
  4. Choose 80g./m2 paper to 90g./m2
  5. Set you printer to economy mode. You can save up to 50% inc.
  6. Adapt you files formats to standard sizes to optimize page positioning during printing .It limits paper waste. Our employees will help you with this.

All of the above can reduce your ecological footprint by up to 70%. You can pro-actively support nature’s protection. If you want to know more about our environmental policy click here