Stories about paper, printing and cardboard

We touch paper every single day. In the office, at the university, in public administration , at home…but do you know that:

  1. Ever since 3000 B.C., the Egyptians have been using the papyrus made from reed from the Nile
  2. Modern paper is also 2000 years old! In 105 A.D. Tsai-Lun – the Chinese Minister of Agriculture during the reign of Emperor Hoti, invents paper made from a dough-like mixture of old cloth and tree bark
  3. Paper is not only made from wood fiber. It also contains fiber from cotton or cloth, water, oxygen, etc.

    old book
    old book
  4. You can produce approximately 80000 A4 paper sheets from a single medium-size pine.
  5. The first printing press is invented by Gutenberg in 1455 but its predecessor is the Xylograph that people in the Far East used during the 7th century A.D.
  6. The largest single paper sheet was made by hand by Masaki Takashi and Kasuki Maeda in Toyama, Japan on August, 19th 2009. It measured 6,9 m. x 13,9 m.
  7. Whatever the size of a paper sheet is, there is a natural limit to the number of times you can fold it in half. Edges become thicker and thicker. In 2012 American students prove that paper can be folded in half maximum 13 times. Watch video here.
  8. Nowadays the book printed in the largest number of copies at one go is the IKEA catalogue – 100 000 000 copies!
  9. Every office employee uses an average 10 000 A4 sheets per year.
  10. The first patent for corrugatet paper for packaging was introduced in 1871 in New York

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