Stay Ahead of the Game with Trendy and Current Flexible Packaging Solutions

Flexible packaging is relatively new to the packaging market. In fact, it is a container made from flexible materials such as paper, plastic or aluminum foil. Thus, its shape changes once produced or filled. These can be sachets, small or large pouches or even rolls which are customizable.

doy pack
flexible packaging

This type of packaging has taken off in recent times due to its advantage of being more economical, more environmentally friendly and more easily adaptable to the product. In addition, it is particularly used in the food and cosmetics industries which themselves are developing at sustained rates. Furthermore, 60% of all packaging is used in the food industry and within these products 90% are packaged in flexible packaging. When we know that the packaging market all together represents 1 trillion dollars annually…we realize the important part of flexible. The forecast for 2028 is that liquid packaging will reach $462 billion according to the “Liquid Packaging Market Report”

Surveys of B2B buyers highlight that this type of packaging is increasingly preferred therefore due to its cost and light weight, its ease of storage (in rolls), it is easy to close and to be transported, and once assembled it is very easy to open. Furthermore, there are now biopolymers that are in line with consumers’ ecological concerns. Assembly in unlimited shapes and sizes as well as thermosealability is quite easy for manufacturers to implement as well. Use in the microwave reinforces its attractiveness in terms of food.

DG Press flexo
DG Press flexo

Print and Pack, being at the cutting edge of technology, has acquired two new machines which allow precisely this customization by printing and cutting to size. As for the printing of flexible packaging, our new machines allow quality manufacturing where the images are perfect and well detailed. In addition, we can produce small quantities, which is the current trend. Most customers need several models in order to get as close as possible to different market niches and for the sake of customization. The first of our machines is DG PRESS VSOP 520, 7 offset + flexo and the second MULER Martini 850 VSOP 6 offsets + flexo. We use one or the other depending on the format of the packaging, the design and the number of copies to be printed.
So, if you need to package liquid soaps, food or other liquid products, do not hesitate to send us your quote request!