General Terms and Conditions

Print and Pack is a brand name of RATT PACK Trading, with headquarters situated at 22 Stefan Karadja, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria and VAT Number BG203547756.
The website is run and operated by Ratt Pack Trading.
French version of the document prevails all other versions.

1. General conditions and validity

All our contracts are subject to the present general terms and conditions (GTC), whether they are explicitly aforementioned or not. The Client’s conditions, whether contrary or divergent from ours shall not be taken into account, except in case of an explicit agreement between the Client and Ratt Pack Trading before the final signing of the contract. In this case they shall be only and exclusively valid for the specific contract. The Client is considered and declares accepting the before mentioned terms and conditions without reservations, modifications or limitations, except for other conditions and his own among others.

2. Quotation offers and contract conclusion

The Client sends the ”offer to contract” when he agrees on the price and places an order based on a quotation sent from our side beforehand. The contract is considered definite when the Client receives and signs a Purchase Order Form (POF) from Ratt Pack Trading where the following information is stated in due form: full address of headquarters of both parties, actual product specifications, price and time for delivery. Electronic and mail communication such as confirmation of an order by email is considered to be an electronic signature having the same legal value as a handwritten signature and is subject to and can result in the changeability of the amounts due under the POF contract.

3. Price, billing and payment
The only valid prices are the ones mentioned in the Purchase Order Form (POF) in the determined currency – Euro. All prices given in other currencies are only on an indicative basis. The price includes printing or printing service, packing, transportation; VAT excluded except for when it is explicitly mentioned in the POF.
The price specified in the Contract (POF) applies and is subject to the expressed reservation that the Client does NOT subsequently modify/change the delivery time agreed and specified in the Contract (POF) beforehand. Any costs incurred and triggered by subsequent changes made by the Client are subject to particular billing terms and conditions.
The submission of a quotation price offer does not engage Ratt Pack Trading into executing the mentioned work at the price given on the estimate. All quotations provided without final and approved documentation (files and artwork) is considered to be on an indicative basis.
The ‘’Ready for Printing” document (on paper) as well as all printed or non-printed prototypes requested by the Client shall be charged and invoiced additionally and separately.
Ratt Pack Trading is charging and invoicing VAT excluded when the contract and deliveries are executed under the terms of Intra-European trade regulations, conditionally upon the Client providing a valid and registered intra-European VAT number. The Client agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions stipulated in the POF (Purchase Order Form) and available on our website
All payments made after the fixed date of payment scheduled in the contract (POF) are fully subject to late payment penalties (default interest) at the expense of the Client and in favor of Ratt Pack Trading, starting to be charged the day following the fixed payment date in the contract. Interest rate is 10%. Ratt Pack Trading reserves the right to examine the solvency of the Client and to transmit the Clients’ data to third parties including evaluation and solvability agencies.

4. Timeline of service and delivery
Time of processing is given on an indicative basis only. It represents the sum of production time/period plus delivery time/period. A precise and definitive time period of execution can be specifically agreed upon and given by Ratt Pack Trading only.
Execution period starts running from the moment of reception (electronic/mail) of all documentation and files “Ready for Printing” explicitly confirmed and approved by the Client as well as the advance payment made. The production period is indicated in business workdays – from Monday to Friday, except for bank and public holidays.
Ratt Pack Trading is not and shall not be held liable for any late deliveries due to default on the part of the suppliers and/nor for any impossibility of completing the services due to problems relating to inoperable files provided by the Client.
In order to better satisfy its clients, Ratt Pack Trading can offer to make files usable at the price of 10 Euro per hour, Vat excluded, this service being optional and on demand.
Ratt Pack Trading is not and shall not be held liable for any delays of delivery or the impossibility of production due to exceptional circumstances such as administrative road closures for instance, or any other acts of God, even when these circumstances occur on account of eventual suppliers and subcontractors. In this cases Ratt Pack Trading has the obligation to inform the client within 48 hours.
Ratt Pack Trading declines all responsibility over products and goods sent carriage paid, and travelling at the risk of the purchaser.
The non-observation of the delivery periods or a problem with the transporter cannot in any case justify a rejection or return of the order nor shall be a valid reason for a compensation from our part. The Client makes a commitment to report, subject to specific provisions in hand written form on the transport documents, all delivery defaults (torn/ripped palettes, missing items etc). The verification/check is considered “done” by the Client before and upon signature of the delivery note.

5. Printing data
Ratt Pack Trading examines and controls all printing files sent to us. However, Ratt Pack Trading only prints files that have been provided and approved by the client. The risk of potential/eventual defects resulting from erroneous data is to be entirely covered by the Client.
The Client is committed to thoroughly check spelling, resolution, order of pages, fonts, formats, colors according to the CMYK color mode (usable for offset printing). If any errors are discovered during the examination phase, the Client commits himself to fix/correct them. If not, all additional charges due to errors preventing the quality printing are to be assumed by the Client. If the implementation of the contract requires a conversion of files, the risk is to be assumed by the Client.

6. Claims and complaints
Before each merchandize expedition, the Client receives 3 copies (receipts) of the production. His confirmation is needed in order to organize the shipment of the whole order. In case of eventual defects affecting the delivered production, a claim must be submitted to us within 2 weeks following the reception, as well as a minimum of 50 samples must be sent to us by mail for a proof of defect. No claims will be accepted without samples or once the 2 weeks period has passed.
The subtle differences in colors (including comparisons with previous orders placed with us) and problems of low resolution are not considered as manufacturing defects. Due to technological constraints it is possible that delivered quantities are inferior or superior (variations within +- 10% are acceptable) to the ordered quantities without a modification of the price.
Ratt Pack Trading is not and shall not to be held liable if the defects affecting the goods do not or at a very insignificant degree diminish the value and the usage of the products.

7. Warranty
In case of defective goods Ratt Pack Trading will insure, according to its judgment, the replacement of the total or a part of the goods or their reparation. In case of failure, the Client has the right to demand a refund only in exchange of the full restitution of the goods (redhibitory action) or demand a rebate (estimative action). In case of reprinting or a total refund the Client has the obligation to return the entire production at his own expense. If defects are present in only one part of the production the Client cannot claim an entire reprinting nor entire refund.
Ratt Pack Trading expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability and cannot be held responsible for any losses which do not concern the delivered production, in particular concerning financial or commercial prejudice like shortfall, damaged brand image or other indirect damages the Client may incur.

8. Copyrights, intellectual property
The Client is responsible for the files content and all rights of intellectual property/third party copyrights related to the fulfilment of his order. Ratt Pack Trading refuses and shall not be held liable of any responsibility by virtue of the latter.

9. Ownership reservation clause
The totality of the production remains entire property of Ratt Pack Trading until the complete payment of the price specified in the POF (advanced payment + balance payment).

10. Applicable law and safeguard clause
The present terms and general conditions are subject to application of the laws of England and Wales. In case of a litigations, complaints and claims the Client commits to always look for an amicable resolution in priority. If one or more of the conditions of the present contract are declared void or invalid the rest of the clauses remain unchanged and valid. The French version of the document prevails all other versions.

11. Online communication
The Client is required to provide a valid and working email address in order to allow a proper correspondence and exchange between the parties. All email communications are renowned received on the date and time of their sending.

12. Contract termination / order cancelation
Once the confirmation of the “Ready for Printing” files has been given by the Client, the printing process is launched and irreversible and expenses are incurred. The total amount of the order must be paid even if the order is cancelled by the Client himself. All email communication and exchange are stored in our archives and database and are considered as proof of placed order.